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Message from Laura Whittard-Founder of The Hampstead Factory

I’m delighted to announce that our new director Miss Zoe Pritchard is now onboard to help grow our Gloucestershire Schools in 2013/14. Miss Pritchard will be a new and exciting breath of fresh air not only for The Hampstead Factory but for the current parents and students too. There’s going to be lots of brainstorming about new ideas over the coming months, an exciting time for us all.


At The Hampstead Factory, we run weekend drama, dance and singing classes in Cheltenham and Gloucester. Our unique teaching methods and syllabus (called the “Factory Method”) concentrate on developing core confidence in all our students. We offer positive, stress-free, fun learning and cater for ages from 4 to 17 yrs with an average of 17 students to each class. All students can participate in our end of term performances and may take Lamda and Trinity qualifications.


Each discipline is taught by a specialist teacher – Classes last 2hr 45m for 8 to 11′s and 12 to 17′s, and 2hrs for 4 to 7′s.  Our Flexi Classes offer 2 out of the 3 classes every weekend at a discounted price- this is great for instance for children who love drama and singing but not keen on dance! They still stay for the usual main school times so you get even more for your money! Contact us today and register for a free taster session.


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