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advised Bowers to direct his questions to his court appointed lawyer.

One of the kidnapping counts says that Bowers and Whiting kidnapped Hutchings with the "purpose of terrorizing" her.

Deschutes County Circuit Court Presiding Judge Michael Sullivan appointed attorneys for both men, who were arraigned separately at Tuesday's hearing.

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She was not considered a runaway because she was older than 18.

About two months ago, Sawyer said, officials ramped up their investigation when they got a solid lead that Bowers and Whiting were responsible for her death.

Under Oregon law, the two are being held at the Deschutes County jail without bail.

there is evidence on this property connected to the crime," Sawyer said. "We know what we are looking for."

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Bend police say they cracked the cold case Monday, when they took Loren Allen Bowers, 37, and Craig Allen Whiting, 26, into custody on suspicion of Hutchings' murder.

´╗┐Police suspect body is Nicole Hutchings

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Adidas Jackets Online

After police interviewed the men on Monday, plans to search two locations one for evidence related to Hutchings' death and the second for her body were put in place, Sawyer said. briefings, Sawyer said.

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Hutchings' family declined to comment on the case other than to say they were told Monday night that Bowers and Whiting had been arrested for their daughter's murder.

Investigators found human remains in a shallow grave early Tuesday evening during the Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

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Whiting, dressed in jail scrubs, said little during his arraignment, responding only to questions from Sullivan.

search for a Bend woman missing since 2004. The discovery came just hours after two Bend men were arraigned on Adidas Jackets Online murder charges in connection with the disappearance of 21 year old Nicole Marie Hutchings.

The owners of the property, in the 19400 block of Lone Cow Drive, were cooperative and were not under suspicion of any wrongdoing as of Tuesday, Sawyer said.

Bowers and Whiting were charged and arraigned late Tuesday afternoon with one count each of aggravated murder, conspiracy to commit murder, murder and two counts of first degree kidnapping.

Hutchings' mother last saw her on the night of Nov. 1, 2004, near the family home in the 63200 block of Gallop Court in Bend, according to police reports.

Investigators have been pursuing tips about Hutchings' disappearance since her mother reported her missing, said Capt. Kevin Sawyer of the Bend Police Department.

The aggravated murder count alleges that the men were trying to cover up the crimes of child neglect and criminal mistreatment by killing Hutchings, but provided no additional information.

Detectives worked inside and around the motor home, gathering evidence and placing it in brown paper bags.

Judge Sullivan Nike Green Pants

He declined to give additional details about what might be inside Bowers' residence.

Sawyer did say that officials planned to impound a car from the property that they believe Bowers and Whiting used to carry out the crime. Oregon State Police crime lab technicians will examine the car for trace evidence, he said.

Prosecutors have not decided whether to seek the death penalty in the Hutchings case, Chief Deputy District Attorney Darryl Nakahira said.

But Bowers, dressed in street clothes, said he did not understand why there were so many charges against him. He asked why others he said were involved had not been charged as well.

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Each of the charges states that deliberate cruelty was involved and that the men used an unspecified weapon to kill Hutchings, who is referred to as "a vulnerable victim."

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