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"This prevents the government from meddling politically in the appointment or re appointment of an officer of the Assembly," he said.

"New Democrats' concern is that the government has already demonstrated its dislike for Mr. Marin and now the government will use whatever means possible to squeeze Mr. Marin out of the competition," he said.

Kormos has included a provision in his bill that would require the ombudsman to continue in that job until a replacement is found. Marin has indicated he wants to compete for his job.

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Kormos in full flight, as an ornery pain in the butt, is a joy to behold. And since it takes one ornery soul to recognize the great talent it takes to be ornery, Kormos is crusading to keep Andre Marin in the job of provincial ombudsman when Marin's five year contract expires at the end of the month.

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by the ruling elite of his own party (read Bob Rae, now a Liberal elite) for being just a tad outspoken at the cabinet table.

In the heady days of the NDP government, the Welland MPP was ostracized Nike Leggings Black And White

Still, the government is showing a curious double standard, since they re appointed Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian for a third term. That's fair enough. She has done an excellent job. But so have Marin and Miller. And Cavoukian's job Adidas Pants For Girls Black rarely requires her to slam the government.

That would take the job above Nike Pants Leggings

the fray of the political arena and give the ombudsman some kind of tenure.

The auditor general, whose very job description requires him to be a scathing critic of the government, has a 10 year appointment, with no re appointment.

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Adidas Pants For Girls Black

Adidas Pants For Girls Black

isn't long enough for the ombudsman position, especially for someone like Marin, who's transformed the role from a quiet bureaucratic backwater to a high profile, crusading job, Kormos said.

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Environment Minister Gord Miller has also been told he will have to reapply for his job, although his case is not as outrageous as Marin's. He's already been reappointed once.

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"The message it sends is that you had better be awful nice to the government, otherwise you won't enjoy your reappoinment," Kormos said in an interview.

Kormos is proposing the job of ombudsman become a 10 year appointment, with no chance of re appointment.

Another concern he has is the government will drag its feet over the re appointment, essentially starving Marin out of the job. With his appointment up at the end of the month, it could take months for the government to find a replacement. Meanwhile, Marin will be out of work.

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Peter Kormos knows a thing or two about the value of stinging criticism.

He has a track record of speaking for those who are least able to speak for themselves: Cancer patients, taxpayers who have been victimized by the assessment process, lottery players who'd been ripped off. The list is endless.

It's outrageous that after just five years, it appears Marin is being forced out.

´╗┐Ornery friend in Marin's political corner

A five year term Nike Sportswear Rally Hoodie

Adidas Pants For Girls Black

"Clearly, as is demonstrated by the scenario around the expiration of the current ombudsman's term, the government picks and chooses who it reappoints.

Adidas Pants For Girls Black

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